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Fraud screening and prevention for technology suppliers

We work with telecoms, IT and AV suppliers to prevent fraudulent customer transactions.

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Join Today and start protecting your Supplier Business from the cost of business fraud.

    Total Peace of Mind

    Fraud can have a devastating impact on your technology business, stamp it out for good with FraudSure.

    Fraud losses to the UK are estimated at around £190 billion every year.

    For a simple annual payment we become your outsource fraud experts.

    We're friendly and online 24/7 to ensure your deals proceed without risk.

    How it Works

    With a Membership plan, you’ll get full 24/7 access to the FraudSure service.

    Join the Register

    Create your account and join 100’s of Suppliers on the Member Register preventing fraudulent transactions.

    Deploy Your Member Badge

    Members get a unique FraudSure Member badge which they add to their website to deter fraudulent enquiries.


    Engage our Analysts

    Call upon our Analysts by emailing deal information for investigation, with verdicts in as little as 1 hour.

    How it Works in Practice

    Getting set up is easy, working with us is even easier.

    Get Started

    Become a Member and Join the Supplier Register.

    Add your Member Badge to your website, email footers and collateral.

    If a suspicious transaction is received, engage our Fraud Analysts.

    We'll conduct our Fraud Screening Process and advise on the outcome.

    Preventing Fraud at Supplier-Level

    Being listed on the FraudSure Member Register and adding your unique Member Badge to your website contact forms, sign-up pages and email footers can reduce fraudulent enquiries by over 90%.

    Prevention is Better than Cure

    A fraudulent transaction is not only costly for your business, it causes a great deal of stress and lost time. Prevent an enquiry by displaying your badge.

    Demonstrate Commitment to the Cause

    Your channel partners will be pleased to know that you have measures in place to prevent costly losses that effect everyone in the chain.

    *Illustration only - not an actual FraudSure Badge

    You are in Safe Hands

    Our Expert Analysts are on call 24/7

    Contact our desk of Analysts and we’ll either reach a verdict or we’ll guide you safely through the next stages of your customer interaction.

    Member FAQs

    Proudly Supporting and Protecting

    IT Equipment Suppliers

    Telecoms and Mobile Dealers

    AV Equipment Suppliers

    Member FAQs. Answered.

    A FraudSure Membership which includes all features is just £49.99 per annum.

    There’s a saying: “If it seems too good to be true, it normally is.” If you’ve received an enquiry from a business through your website or main telephone number, and it feels all a bit “too easy”, that’s when you should get in touch with us. That said, if any of the deal information looks questionable (any at all), get in touch.

    For best effect, insert your Member Badge wherever you interact with new customers, for example: website contact forms, sign-up pages and on your company email footer.

    What our Members Say

    Our Pricing is Simple

    £49.99 per annum

    FraudSure Membership
    • 24/7 Analyst Support
    • Member Register Listing
    • Member Badge for Website
    • Fraud Prevention Tips by Email
    • Fraud Alerts by Email

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    Put an end to unnecessary fraud risks with a FraudSure Account today.
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    Become a Member

    Join Today and start protecting your Supplier Business from the cost of business fraud.