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Fraud training for technology suppliers

Expert fraud prevention training for telecoms, IT and AV suppliers.

Learn how to screen for potential fraud

Understand how fraudsters present themselves

Detect common fraudulent behaviour

Tips for handling a fraudulent enquiry

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Delivered online for 1 – 10 team members.


    Fraud Training for Technology Suppliers

    We provide fraud training for technology businesses just like yours.

    Fraud in the technology sector is on the rise, we’re here to protect your business from financial loss brought about by a fraudulent customer.

    About Our Service

    About FraudSure

    FraudSure is a fraud prevention and screening service for technology suppliers, predominantly in the telecoms, mobile, IT and AV markets. We work with 100’s of Resellers and Suppliers to greatly reduce the threat of fraudulent customer transactions.

    With over 20 years fraud detection and screening experience, we make it fast and easy to prevent unwanted fraudulent enquiries and our Fraud Analysts are on-hand 24/7 to provide support and assistance for suppliers who suspect a fraudulent order has been received.

    Members can quickly deploy our tools and services to limit the risks and financial loss associated with fraudulent customer transactions.

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